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Make Orange Green


Conservation Factoids

Conservation Matters

Conservation saves both natural and financial resources.  Cutting down on energy consumption reduces the amount of coal, natural gas, et al. that must be extracted, and thus minimizes environmental degradation.  Furthermore, lessened consumption reduces the secondary effects of air and water pollution associated with creating energy.  Obviously, using fewer resources means spending less money$$$.


Energy and UT

Knoxville’s air quality has been in decline and was recently ranked the 9th worst in the nation.  It is 3rd worst for asthma sufferers.  A good deal of UT’s energy comes from coal, the burning of which causes dangerous ground level ozone, acid precipitation, and introduces particulate matter to the air.  With all of the residence halls cumulatively using 2,140,658 kWh per month at 2460 kWh per ton of coal, UT uses the equivalent of 870 tons of coal per month.  To protect the Earth, human health, and to save money, become an active participant in Make Orange Green: The Residence Hall Conservation Challenge.

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Michelle D. Pfeffer

Make Orange Green Program Facilitator

(615) 260-2137


Sarah Surak

Recycling Coordinator, UTK

(865) 974-5107