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Make Orange Green


Program Overview


How the Challenge Works:

The Make Orange Green program challenges each residence hall to decrease its energy consumption by 5%.  In Spring 2005, each residence hall’s monthly energy consumption will be plotted against its average consumption for that month from the past three years.  The hall with greatest percentage decrease will win for that month.  Monthly winners will receive prizes, with an overall winner announced in April.  Show your UT pride by accepting the challenge today!!!


Benefits of the Challenge:

If all of the participating residence halls could reduce energy consumption by a mere 5% a month, UT would save $57,960 per year.  This means we could save the earth from the equivalent of 1110 tons of carbon dioxide (as well as a multitude of other pollutants) per year.

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Michelle D. Pfeffer

Make Orange Green Program Facilitator

(615) 260-2137


Sarah Surak

Recycling Coordinator, UTK

(865) 974-5107