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Make Orange Green



Students spend more time in their residence hall than in most places on campus.  RAs play an important role in promoting conservation activities within residence halls. RAs interested in doing a monthly program of the Make Orange Green program in the Fall term will be provided with a video (about 8 minutes long) and handouts.  RAs also will be provided with incentives to participate in hall programs with prizes.  Bulletin board packets will be handed in January 2005.  RAs are also encouraged to participate in Make Orange Green meetings, which take place once a month in the Fall term and bi-monthly in the Spring term.

As an RA, you can promote conservation by:

    • Encouraging students to turn off their lights
    • Remind people to recycle
    • Get students excited about the program by having them come to Make Orange Green meetings and Hall Vols meetings

URCH (United Residence Hall Council) will also play a pivotal role in the program by encouraging RAs to actively participate and by delegating a representative to attend Make Orange Green meetings.

Information for RAs

Floor Program Outline

Flyer for Floor Program

Floor Program Quiz

Discussion for Recycling Movie

Bulletin Board Layout and Directions

Bulletin Board Printouts

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Michelle D. Pfeffer

Make Orange Green Program Facilitator

(615) 260-2137


Sarah Surak

Recycling Coordinator, UTK

(865) 974-5107