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Make Orange Green



What gets recycled at UT?  Well, everything from plastics (#1-7), newspaper, loose paper, non-placticized cardboard, and aluminum cans.


Where can you recycle?  There are recycling receptacles (tan, 3-section) in the hallways of most of the main buildings and in all residence halls (blue bins) for paper, plastic, and aluminum cans.


So where’s the energy connection?  Just follow the energy you use in a 100 Watt light bulb to the amount of coal burned at UT:

    • 100 Watt bulb operates for 8,760 hours in a year, equaling 876 kilo Watt hours
    • one ton of coal produces 2460 kWh of electricity
    • thus, 876 kWh / 2460 lbs/ton = 714 lbs of coal to power your 100 W light all year (that’s enough coal for 71 cookouts- so you can see how much energy we are saving)
    • It takes 95% less energy to recycle an aluminum can than to make one from virgin materials
    • Recycling one ton of paper uses 64% less energy than producing one ton of paper from virgin material


Each day the average American creates 4.5 lbs of waste- 70% of this can be recycled.

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Michelle D. Pfeffer

Make Orange Green Program Facilitator

(615) 260-2137


Sarah Surak

Recycling Coordinator, UTK

(865) 974-5107