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Make Orange Green


Energy Conservation Tips

Simple changes in habit can have dramatic effects when practiced on a large scale:


    • Turn off incandescent lights when leaving the room or when they are not needed.
    • Turn off fluorescent lights when they will not be used for 15 minutes or longer. 
    • Turn off your computer monitor if you will not be using it, even for a short time (or set it on sleep mode).  For longer periods, turn off your computer entirely.
    • Turn off computer peripherals (scanners, printers, etc.) when not in use.
    • Try making showers shorter.
    • Try to set the TV to sleep timer if you like falling asleep watching movies.
    • Turn off the VCR, DVD, or CD player when not in use.
    • Make sure closet lights are off.
    • Try to cut down on peak energy use during peak times (11am-6pm).  Energy use costs more during this time!
    • Report leaky faucets to the front desk of your residence hall.
    • Close the loop and buy recycled content products.
    • Keep your refrigerator set at 38-40 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Turn off that screen saver!  Because of new technology, screen savers do not actually save energy unless they turn off your screen or back light of your laptop.  Instead, turn your monitor off when your computer will not be in use.
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Michelle D. Pfeffer

Make Orange Green Program Facilitator

(615) 260-2137


Sarah Surak

Recycling Coordinator, UTK

(865) 974-5107