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Bookmark Gallery

Spring 2005 has been declared the "Environmental Semester." A series of special lectures, forums, debates, performances, and classes will celebrate UT's excellence in environmental teaching, research, scholarship, and commitment to environmental stewardship. Thanks to the Office of the Chancellor, Office of Student Affairs, Division of Biology, EERC, and University Studies for their support.

In conjunction with the Environmental Semester initiative, the University has provided a series of bookmarks. The following images were chosen to represent this semester's theme.

Photographer: Wernher Krutein

Brill bookmark 1 link

Brill bookmark 2 link

Brill bookmark 3 link
Mountain Valley

Brill bookmark 4 link
Romantic Lake

Photographer: James Dalton

Dalton bookmark 1 link
Bumblebee and Lily

Dalton bookmark 2 link

dalton bookmark 9 link
Bull Thistle

Dalton bookmark 3 link
Farm View

Dalton bookmark 4 link
Purple Beauty

dalton bookmark 10 link

dalton bookmark 5 link
dalton bookmark 6 link
dalton bookmark 7 link
dalton bookmark 8 link
Sun Stream

Photographer: Alan Heilman

Heilman bookmark 1 link
Thistle Bush

Heilman bookmark 2 link

Heilman bookmark 3 link
Heilman bookmark 4 link
Sweet Gum

Photographer: Unknown

Brill bookmark 1 link
Smoky Mountains