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Contaminants / Toxins:   Detection, Remediation

Smith Home Hazards Hunt
"Home Hazards Hunt" is an independent, self-paced, interactive CD program that identifies practices and conditions in and around a home that can affect a person's health, safety and the environment.(thanks to the Environment & Natural Resources

Badiru Professor Adedeji B. Badiru
Prof. Adedeji B. Badiru is a professor and Department Head of the Department of Industrial Engineering.(thanks to the Environment & Natural Resources

Yoder Environmental Contaminants
Ronald Yoder characterizes movement of environmental contaminants: improving quality of streams, foods, soils. (thanks to the Environment & Natural Resources


Potential Pollutants
Dr. Terry Schultz & colleagues in the Biological-Activity Testing and Modeling Laboratory passed a milestone recently when they tested their 2000 chemical with TETRATOX.
(thanks to the Environment & Natural Resources)


Critters in Space
Microbes engineered at UT may help astronauts breathe a little easier in the tight enclosure of a space module.(thanks to the Environment & Natural Resources

White War of the Microbes
Measures to protect the Martian environment -and our own- from microbial contaminants must accompany our efforts to discover life on the red planet.(thanks to the Environment & Natural Resources

Wilhelm Microbial Ecology of Lake Erie
Dr. Wilhelm at nucleus of interdisciplinary group studying microbial ecology of Lake Erie. (thanks to the Environment & Natural Resources

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